I’d Like To Be, ALWAYS In The Sea! 🌊 🌊 πŸŒŠ

I can’t think of a blog title that is more fitting than this one for Brian. Perhaps in his next life, he will return as a fish. If Brian had any say in the matter, he would wholeheartedly agree that this is a fantastic idea! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»

I believe Brian’s love affair with water goes way back in the womb, where there was a severe shortage of amniotic fluid. In fact, my uterus was ultimately not baby-friendly- Brian stopped growing in-utero due to a condition called intra-uterine growth restriction ( IUGR) when I was 7 months pregnant. I was immediately put on bedrest in the hospital for the duration of the pregnancy, and was able to eat to my heart’s content. In fact, I gained over 20 pounds in the month I was there, all the while having my amniotic fluid (amongst many other things), very carefully monitored.

Thankfully, both Brian and I started to gain weight and were moving along very nicely until the day of The Double Muffin Incident- I will return to this shortly…

As you can imagine, the same 7 dinners that were being served weekly were becoming quite old, especially the Friday Fish sticks ( this was a Catholic hospital). By Week 4, I was REALLY fed up with this menu, especially the fish sticks. It was my husband’s great misfortune that 4th Friday evening when he came to see me after work, to visit a crazed woman who simply said: ” F—-k these fish sticks, go get me a Whopper NOW! Don’t forget the extra large fries and the largest chocolate shake known to man- RUN!!!” I scared the s—t out of this poor man- without a word- he turned around- and RAN to the nearest Burger King for my sake and his! This is what can happen when one is on bedrest for a little too long, lol! It truly was the best food of the pregnancy, lol! 🀣

Four days later, Tuesday, 8/25/03, after

Turkey/Lettuce and Tomatoe on Rye Tuesday, I had a craving for a large blueberry muffin- make that 2 large muffins after lunch- they were so delicious! Shortly thereafter, I had my daily visit to the antenatal testing unit, where an ultrasound would be performed to see how Brian was doing. I noticed that my doctor was looking at the ultrasound quite intently. “When did you eat last?”, my doctor inquired. I told him it had been 30 minutes prior. He told me that Brian would be born that evening via c-section because my amniotic fluid finally hit an all-time low. Poor little guy- no wonder he loves water so much now, as he was deprived in the womb. A very scary time, as you can imagine, and truly a miracle that Brian was born without additional complications at 36 weeks old, exactly 5 lbs. He arrived into the world that evening at 8:30pm with a set of lungs that worked quite well ( yay for lung steroids!) and an affinity for sponge baths, eventually regular baths, and now showers, ever since! Brian’s obsession with water truly goes way back, which is why the special needs surf camps mean so much to him- his joy and exuberance is made complete whenever he is in the water!

Water is also one of the few activities that Brian truly enjoys. I think this is why this passion supersedes any fear of the ocean or a pool. He can remarkably hold his breath and doesn’t mind going under water. We have no idea how he learned to do that or why he is not afraid. Brian was knocked off his surfboard a few times last week in the ocean due to approaching hide tide and went under the water in the flash of an eye! He quickly rose to the surface, vocalizing his sheer joy, like it was the best thing that ever happened to him! I actually believe Brian would say exactly that if he could tell us…

Brian’s hobbies/interests are very limited at this time, though you never know when this might change… in the meantime, I am glad that he has something that he can truly call his own, an activity that is healthy, refreshing, and calming, perfect for his sensory-seeking soul….

Like all of the wonderful people who have been placed in Brian’s life, the volunteers who run the special needs surf camps are another beautiful group of folks who make smiles, squeals of delight, and deep sleep possible for our kids (and we parents) at the end of a wonderful water extravaganza! How truly blessed are our children for having these incredible experiences , while adding to the rich tapestry of their lives. I will be reminded of this fact every time I see Brian’s happy spirit soar to the heavens while surfing (or splashing) in his Happiest Place on earth. πŸ’¦ πŸ’¦ πŸ’¦ πŸ„ πŸ„ πŸ„ My joy is also complete! ❀️❀️

Until we meet again, thanks for reading. 😊

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