Brian’s Favorite (and not so favorite)Things



1 Brian Brenda
All of us have favorite people, places, and things that give our lives both meaning and great joy. I have observed over the years that it really doesn’t take too much for Brian to experience the same , yet the opposite is also true. Little things, such as combing his hair, having a doctor check a pulse, or getting a haircut are NOT Brian’s favorite things, but music, road trips, and popcorn are! I originally posted the first part of  “Brian’s Ode To Spring” on Facebook a few weeks ago during the school break and have since added an additional verse for your viewing (and singing!) pleasure-perhaps some of these things are familiar?. Enjoy, and Happy Wednesday! 🙂

Brian’s Ode To Spring

Eating and Swimming, With T-Ball Tommorow

A Road Trip to Baltimore- It’s Really Not So Far, No!

Drinking My Juice Box On The Big Playground Swing

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

When The Doctor Pokes And The Dentist Cleans, And I’m Feeling Mad

I Simply Remember  I’m Off For 9 Days, And Then I Won’t Feel So Sad!

Stimming And Smiling With Toys And At People

Signing For “Crackers”, While Eating Another Handful

Home Therapy Program Gives Brian His Wings

These Are A Few Of His Favorite Things

When The Textures Change, And Transition Comes, And  There Is No i-Pad

I’ll Try To Remember That This Too Shall Pass, And Then I Won’t Feel So Sad!






















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