Close The Cancer Club


Stupid Cancer, The Unwelcome Visitor who will effect approximately 75% of families in their lifetime.   Thankfully, treatments continue to evolve and improve the outcomes for those who are afflicted. I am forever grateful for being one of those really lucky Medical Miracles and am reminded of this fact every time I look at the above  picture, taken 7 weeks after my last chemo infusion on Mother’s Day 2010. I realize this ending is not the same for everyone who goes through treatment. It’s horrible and totally unfair.

I know of 7 people currently going through cancer  treatment, one of whom I learned about today, is a Mom who has a daughter with special needs. And this is her SECOND battle with cancer. It’s unfathomable and unquestionably the most cruel of blows. My heart breaks for this wonderful lady who is truly so courageous and whose main concern is only for her beloved daughter. I pray for her healing, along with our other friends, and for a cure for cancer in our lifetime.  I ask that you please do the same in honor of all current Cancer Warriors and Survivors. Finally, hug your family and friends a little tighter, and tell them you love them daily, for tomorrow is not promised for any of us….

Until we meet again.. xoxo xox

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