100 Reasons Why I Am Thankful

Thanksgiving is always the perfect time to count and reflect upon our many blessings as we enjoy this special day with family and/or friends. It’s something I try to be mindful of and this year is no exception. I wanted to take it a step further and write down EXACTLY what I am most thankful for. Having a written account makes me more appreciative of what I DO have, versus what I don’t have. I am able to literally “count my blessings”and can go back to this list anytime I need a reminder of how much I truly possess. There is no particular ranking or order; I just wrote down what came to mind after thoughtful reflection, so here it is:

I am most thankful for….

1. A roof over my head

2. Food on the table

3. My husband

4. My son

5. Cancer survivorship

6. Clean clothes

7. Hot showers

8. My car (it’s hard to get around NJ without one!)

9. Extended family

10. Good health

11. Good Friends

12. Brian’s school program and staff

13. Brian’s recreational activities, including camps

14. Brian’s good health (overall)

15. Brian’s easy going nature

16. Solitude

17. Exercise

18. Good books

19. Writing

20. Travel adventures

21. The Five Senses that are still working pretty well!

22. A good nights sleep

23. Coffee!!

24. Living in America

25. Modern medicine

26. Cherry cheesecake

27. Feelings

28. Bear hugs

29. The beach

30. Seeing the Grand Canyon

31. Belly Laughs

32. My Christian Faith

33. My Memory and Memories!

34. Brian’s Bear hugs!

35. Respite

36. Brian’s home therapists

37. The ability to give and receive love

38. Sunshine

39. The life lessons my parents taught me

40. Opportunities to make a difference in someone’s life

41. A fine Chardonnay wine

42. When Brian says “Mom” ❤️❤️

43. Unconditional love

44. Forgiveness

45. Hope

46. Each new day

47. Other special needs families

48. What the future holds

49. The ability to learn from my mistakes

50. The Power Of Prayer

51. Each new beginning

52. A sense of humor

53. Tears

54. Chocolate!

55. Lipstick ( #Revlon#625IcedAmethyst)

56. Hair color ( #BlondeAmbition)

57. Music

58. Singing

59. Being Brian’s Mom

60. The kindness of others

61. The splendor of Fall

62. Hiking in the mountains

63. Heaven

64. The opportunity to make amends

65. Detachment

66. Yankee candles

67. A hand to hold

68. A shoulder to cry on

69. A new hot water heater (early Thanksgiving present)

70. My guitar

71. Living in Germany

72. Learning German (though I forget most of it)

73. Texting (a time saver! 😊👍🏻)

74. No credit card debt

75. Paying bills on time

76. Health insurance

77. My original teeth (hey, you never know when things can change! 😁)

78. Nitrous oxide- I am SO grateful!!

79. Brian’s bus driver and bus aides

80. Good neighbors

81. Flannel PJs

82. Italian food- it is the BEST cuisine!

83. Sleeping in whenever possible

84. Visiting family in Ireland

85. The opportunity to be a teacher

86. The privilege of being a Mom

87. Our beloved cleaning lady, Grace, and her monthly magic!

88. Annual vacations at the beach

89. My husband’s sacrifices for our family

90. The volunteers in Brian’s life

91. Still having my beloved Mom here with us, 88 years young!

92. My beloved Dad who was simply the best!

93. No cooking on weekends! #Leftovers

94. A husband who likes to cook

95. Our quiet street

96. The ability to say NO sometimes when needed.

97. Healthy boundaries in personal relationships

98. Brian sleeping all night! 😊👍🏻

99. Chili in a crockpot on a cold night

100. A roaring fire to dream by…

May your personal blessings be many and hardships very few! Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with laughter, good food, and great memories!

Until we meet again, thanks for reading!


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