Take A Break!!

Brian celebrated his 16th Birthday in Niagara Falls this past Sunday with full fanfare and lots of brownies, just the way he likes them, with lots of whipped cream and hot fudge! Life can be sweet for our beloved son and we are most grateful that he can experience new things , even when it takes him out of his routine and comfort zone. I often say to my husband that we should continue to keep this momentum going while both of us are still mobile and motivated. A part of me is in denial that we are getting older, although my knees remind me every morning that this is indeed the case. Energy levels are less, dinner at 4pm sounds devine, and being referred to as “Mam” is the norm these days. Forever young on the inside, but changing with time on the outside, a part of the life cycle that all of us must face. Denial is just so much easier and a much better destination, at least for a while, don’t you think?

Milestones, like birthdays are also a reminder of how far Brian has come, while simultaneously how little has changed, with a big question mark that is the future. It’s a curious dichotomy of the known and the unknown. The future is scary and hopeful at the same time. It’s a time to also take a break and live in the present moment and to let tomorrow take care of itself. I am still learning how to do that, a work in progress for sure, but I am getting better. Vacation this week has definitely helped me with relaxation, even though there is always a certain level of stress because of Brian’s many needs. No matter where you go or take a break, a respite, a getaway, whether for a day or a week- it is an absolute necessity for special needs families. We may and often have had to sacrifice many other things, but down time is too precious not to take. In fact, it’s most important on my list of priorities, and I will do whatever it takes to make it happen. It’s worth it and you’re worth it, repeat!!

In addition to family vacations, the gift of respite made possible by others is also what special needs parents truly covet: time alone, time with each other, time away, time to sleep, etc… It’s a precious gift that is often hard for many special families to come by and so appreciated when it does happen. We really appreciate those breaks and they provide the impetus for us to keep moving forward, for our journey is a long, exhausting, and often lonely one. So just in case extended family or friends are wondering what to give for the holidays, you have the perfect idea to share with them! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»

It’s hard to believe that Summer 2019 is almost over, just like that! I am grateful to have experienced its warmth and light nights . I love the light, breezes, and vibrant colors. I wish to bottle these things for a bitter cold day in February when they will come in very handy. I love this moment in time as I write. I’m so happy to spend a few days at the beach with Jim and Brian before we resume our regular routines. I’m eternally grateful to be colon cancer-free 10 years this month. I pray to continue to have an “attitude of gratitude”, especially when tough times inevitably arrive. I am especially grateful for this vacation because I really needed a break. The The Ocean is the perfect elixir for all that ails you… 🌊 🌊 It’s Brian’s most Happy Place and ours as well!

Until we meet again, thanks for reading! 😊

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