It’s Time To Lighten Up With Laughter

“Humor is a prelude to faith and Laughter is the beginning of prayer.” -Reinhold Niebuhr

The world can certainly be a very negative, draining place, especially these days, and it can rob us all of joy and peace, IF we allow it to. It’s quite easy to get sucked into drama and dialogue that is ultimately destructive for those who participate, regardless of topic. Add our own personal challenges, along with those of our special children, and the end result can be one hot mess! We can easily become jaded and frustrated with situations and people that are beyond our control. Everyone experiences these moments of course, and we can expect more of the same in the future. The key is not to remain “stuck in the muck” indefinitely… Somehow for our own well being, as well as for those around us, especially our children, it behooves us to move forward and to “ let go” of those people and things which don’t enrich our lives in meaningful ways. Self forgiveness is also a very important part of self care that is imperative, I find, especially as I get older. All of us have and will continue to make mistakes for as long as we live, but if we can learn something from them, then there was a purpose for them to happen in the first place. Being true to ourselves is also essential and is the highest form of self respect. We can always simultaneously be respectful of others as well: we can choose to “agree to disagree” and recognize that this is OK and to be expected. Not everyone has to be our best friend, yet, we can still treat others different from ourselves with the same kindness and respect that we would hope to receive. Besides, we special parents already have too much going on at home with our kids to be sucked into situations that won’t matter days or weeks from now. It’s just not worth it!

I have found throughout my life, but especially since Brian was born, that cultivating a sense of humor and laughing often have been absolutely essential for my sanity/well being, and have also made all the difference in terms of how I live my life. Yes, there are indeed a lot of heartbreaking tragedies that happen each day. Each one of us will face personal adversities and will be knocked down for the count . I think it’s safe to say that most special parents feel that way as they raise their disabled children; it’s a very mixed bag of intense joy and sorrow that will last for a lifetime. Special families will always have hardships to face with their kids, some of which are beyond overwhelming.. That’s a harsh reality that I often struggle with, especially in moments of exhaustion, which is why having a sense of humor in the midst of these inevitable trials can make things a lot more bearable! Belly laughs, you know, the ones that make you cry and your stomach muscles hurt, is a powerful balm for the mind and heart. You feel mentally and physically better after experiencing one! I like to think of people and things that make me laugh and lighthearted. THIS is where I choose to place my focus, then my troubles don’t dominate my thoughts and are more manageable.

Today’s world certainly gives us many reasons to automatically become negative in our thinking, leaving no room for other healthier alternatives. It is tempting to take the bait, in light of Covid 19, family stressors, and the upcoming Winter. Collectively, these things have the power to really take us down and keep us “trapped”. It’s a horrible physical and mental place to reside in! One day this past May, I had literally opened my kitchen window, stuck my head outside, and let out my best primal scream out of frustration. Like the rest of the world, I was also so sick of being inside at home for so long and was feeling quite depressed . It actually felt quite good to release that stress, very therapeutic as a matter of fact, but certainly not a long term solution to my problem. To avoid primal screaming ( or much worse) from becoming a regular habit, I needed to think of alternative ways in which to handle my difficult circumstances while in the midst of them. Laughter and humor is a sure way to make things a lot better and it always has throughout my life. There is always at least something to make me laugh and very often multiple things. It’s all just a matter of desire and perspective!

There are humorous/ funny things that I can use daily to help me “ lighten up” and laugh, even in the midst of adversities. I encourage you to find those things that make you laugh, no matter what your circumstances are. It will make all the difference in your life perspective when you choose humor and laughter. Coping in general is so much easier with a sense of humor and detaching from problems that have the potential to consume your life is one of the many rewards. I especially love to watch funny movies, TV shows, and be with people who are upbeat and can make me laugh. Who doesn’t? We all know such programs and individuals and should take advantage of the gifts that they offer. Even better, is when we can offer the same sense of humor back to a friend who may really need it. Humor and laughter can be very contagious and should be something this is shared. Laughter is also medically proven to improve your health by releasing endorphins, those “feel good” chemicals, which are directly related to one’s well being. It’s amazing how our bodies are wired to heal and for wellness if we are willing to respond to the cues that are provided for our benefit. There are additional physical/ emotional and mental benefits to laughter, perhaps ones you have never considered before..

Reasons To Laugh A Lot! 🤣

1. When you laugh the immune system is boosted- a huge plus, especially right now with concern over Covid and other illnesses.

2. Physical pain can be reduced with laughter. I found this to be 100% true during post-surgical recoveries and chemo infusions. I read funny books, watched humorous shows, and actually found myself in funny situations with various medical personnel and patients during these otherwise very difficult times. The laughter helped so much!

3. Laughter can enhance organ function, when you take in deep oxygen, especially with belly laughs! 🤣🤣

4. Hearty laughter decreases blood pressure and heart rate. ❤️❤️😊😊

5. Laughter is a mood-enhancer, uplifting, game changer. I would never go anywhere without it!

6. Laughter can cultivate a great sense of humor and who doesn’t want that, especially in current times?

7. The “feel good “ chemical, Serotonin, is increased in the brain when we laugh, which leads to stress reduction and relaxation of muscles.

8. Laughter also reduces blood sugar levels in diabetics and non-diabetics alike. Laughter is truly the best medicine!

9. Laughter provides an emotional connection with others and is often the glue that keeps us together in our relationships. Having a sense of humor and finding reasons to laugh has made all the difference for my husband and I, especially during these unprecedented times. Otherwise, let’s face it, it would be too difficult to be home together long term like this!

10. Laughter is a contagion that you DO want to share with others! So many of us are struggling for various reasons right now and need hope, support, and quite frankly a good laugh to get us through the tough times. We all benefit when we can laugh at ourselves or together with others. I honestly would put laughter right up there in the number one position with love and very often the two are intertwined. 🤣❤️

As the holiday season approaches, there are many reasons to feel sorrow and despair, especially this year. This is certainly understandable and actually necessary, to feel the disappointment, anger, and grief over losses in our lives. Like you, I have experienced less than desirable circumstances and have had to go through the inevitable passage of pain in order to be free on the other side of my sadness. Laughter and humor have always been my constant companions through every hardship, though, and always will be..

Wishing you and your loved ones many reasons to always choose laughter and humor, even when there are as just as many reasons to cry and give up. May the laughter that you seek be a blessing to your heart, mind, and spirit. Share the laughter and be the humorous bright spot in someone’s day, for you may be exactly what that special parent who is struggling with their son or daughter needs at that very moment. Be the Laughter, Humor, and Hope!❤️🤣❤️🤣❤️🤣

Until next time, thanks for reading! 😊

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