To My Immortal Beloved

It’s been quite a while since I have blogged on Marvels and Moxie. Life goes on with its many distractions and time continues to slip away at an amazing speed…Usually the focus is on Master Brian and all of his trials and tribulations, but on the eve of his Dad’s birthday, I don’t think Brian will mind if the spotlight shines on his “Best Buddy” instead. In fact, I think Brian would absolutely insist on it, if he had any say in the matter. Jim is Brian’s hero and visa versa. They share a very special bond, forged together by years of challenges, late nights, uncertainty, and a deep love that has truly conquered all and always will. I am in awe and in admiration when I see my husband patiently and lovingly give Brian his attention and support. I see exactly where Brian gets both his deep capacity to love and his bear hugs from. They were destined to be in their roles of father and son, perfect together despite the challenges, each one the better for it…

Jim has always answered the call to step up in both the good and bad times in our marriage, as well as during the challenging times in Brian’s life. He is a reserved man who is committed and fiercely loyal to his family and friends. I have greatly admired his tenacity and it is from his strength that I have often drawn upon when the chips were down during some pretty tumultuous times. There have certainly been times when we as a couple, and a family, have been challenged to the point where I wasn’t sure if we could carry on, but my husband was always the one to believe that we could.

Of course, he, nor we, are perfect. We as a couple, and together as family, continue to make mistakes, learn from them, and try to live our lives with appreciation and joy. We have been blessed to create a life with purpose and meaning, with God as our guide, trusting Him for all of the details, even when it doesn’t make sense or is unfair. More often than not, we are able to find love and beauty in the people, places or things that God places in our path. We continue to be a work in progress and always will be. I’m grateful that my husband is strong enough to answer the call of what is expected of him daily and never gives up, though it would be understandable if he felt like it sometimes, I know I certainly have from time to time! Life’s challenges are hard, relentless, and all encompassing, especially when raising a disabled son. It is a life long marathon that is truly not for the faint hearted! We can only handle things one day at a time, sometimes just one moment at a time..

If Brian had the words, I am sure this is what he would say to his Dad on the eve of his birthday:

Dear Dad,

You are my best friend and the reason why I have joy in my heart! From the moment you held me in your arms after I was born, I knew immediately how lucky I was to be your son. We have shared many fun times, hugs, and challenges. I know it has not always been easy for you over the years. Many would have given up due to the nature of my disabilities, but you have always been my loving advocate and hero. Thank you for all that you do for me! Thank you for giving my life purpose and meaning. Thank you for loving me as I am. I treasure our times together and always will! I wish you a blessed birthday filled with joy and happiness, the very same things that you give to me daily. I love you, Dad! Brian xoxo

Now my turn..

My Immortal Beloved,

As you approach your 61st time around the sun, I am reminded of how fortunate I am to call you my best friend. I love you and thank you for your great love for Brian and I. We are very different people, yet, identical in the things that matter most…We have tested each other, argued, and have been tempted sometimes to throw in the towel. We have also supported each other, loved one another, and persevered under incredible circumstances. Throughout it all, you have been my rock and strength. I am grateful for you and love your big heart! ❤️❤️ I am blessed to call you my “life partner” and wish you the happiest of birthdays that you so richly deserve. May we blessed to celebrate many more together.xoxoxo,Brenda

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