You Will Rise

It may seem that you will never recover from the heartbreak, fear, and anger that the diagnosis of a disability will bring. But, in time, you will learn to live with this new reality, as painful as it is. You are stronger than you think. You will rise!

You will become a voracious reader as you learn about your child’s challenges. You will also become a fierce advocate for your son or daughter, doing and creating outcomes that help him or her on their journey. You will even amaze yourself on what you have been able to accomplish, despite the many obstacles and setbacks. You will rise!

You will also learn that life is not always fair or kind to our disabled children. You will become frustrated at times by their lack of progress and/or the bureaucracy that we depend upon, as well as the situations or people beyond our control. Yet, despite all of these obstacles, you will rise!

Your heart will be broken into a million pieces when certain milestones that you hoped your child would achieve by now, after so many years of trying, ultimately don’t happen. This can be a bitter pill to swallow. We have to be honest about that, for it’s the only way forward towards acceptance of our children and our own limitations. This is a rough road for life, but…you will rise!

You will eventually learn compassion in ways you never knew were possible. You will be more cognizant and understanding of people with unique differences. You will also be lead to see the beauty of each special soul, all because of our own children who chose us. Their daily examples of persistence, acceptance and grace show us what is really important in this life, what is true, and what will remain standing in the end.

You will meet wonderful teachers, therapists, volunteers, and mentors, heroes we would have never known otherwise- all because of our kids. We will inspire these individuals as much as they inspire us. You will learn to celebrate each achievement and milestone, no matter how small. Some will become dear friends and others we will agree to disagree with. In the end, we will always need this team for support, encouragement and wisdom, no matter what.

You will always need the companionship and support of other special needs parents. This journey is too hard, lonely and isolating otherwise. You will inevitably find your tribe, which will be as unique and diverse as our kids are. Our children may have different diagnoses, challenges, and preferences, but the concerns and hopes of all special parents are generally universal. We will need a safe place to fall and bear our souls, to those who “get it”. You will laugh and share humor, as well as tears. Your tribe will help you to rise!

No matter where the special needs journey takes you and your child, and despite the struggles, heartaches, and frustrations that you will go through, there is a Higher Power who cares. God understands your heart and your situation deeply. He wants to share the burden with you. His grace is sufficient and his mercies are new each morning. He will never leave or forsake you. Like the sun that rises each morning with the dawn, He will help you to rise if you are willing..❤️❤️❤️

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